Nickelodeon + Ringling KCA Collab

This project was developed within the Ringling College course 'Compositing for 3D' under the Department of Motion Design. It's important to note that it was exclusively a Ringling College endeavor and did not broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon graciously provided our class with original plate footage, stock imagery, and animated assets from the Original KCA2020 Hero Spot, assigning us the task of replicating the composite 1:1.

My roles encompassed keying, rotoscoping, animation cleanup, camera tracking, color correcting, color grading, clean plate generation, some rendering, and match-moving.

The animated components were contributed by Nickelodeon-employed artists:

- Megan Visconti (@megaa_beth)
- Hannah Segraves (@hannahsegraves_)
- Christian Huthmacher (@rederiffic)
- Gonzo Janer (@gonzalo_janer)
- Tim Lines (@timmylines)
- Chris Stearns (@nachrisco)

During this Project, Nickelodeon Animation Director Tim Lines, and VFX Supervisor Ish Nazmi reviewed and critiqued our work.

- Ava Meller (
- Cici Fu (@cicici_fu)
- Maya Li (@mmayalii_)
- Océane Fairbanks (@motionbyocean)

keying, rotoscoping, animation cleanup, camera tracking, color correction, color grading, rendering, and match moving.

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The Moon shot was the most difficult shot in the entire project. My approach differed from the other teams in several key ways.

- Using Keylight’s Screen Despot settings to minimize time spent rotoscoping

- Re-Rendering the slime asset using Arnold instead of using the provided C4D standard render

- Double-dolly zoom camera move

shots i worked on