Anarchist Oldstyle

Pitch Video

The Problem Peasants Republic is a medieval folk-punk band looking to promote themselves in an unconventional way by commisioning a typeface to accompany their new self titled album.
The Breif Create a pitch video and a modular typeface for Peasant Republic that fits their genre of music.

_Background Research

We chose to reference Oldstyle typography, like Garamond. Originating in the 1600s, Oldstyle typography is defined by high x-heights, little variation in stroke width, an axis leaning slightly left and double story characters.

This period of type design history coincides with merchantile capitalism, marking the end of feudal lords and serfs and the begining of the bourgois-proletariat class divide. This new economic class —the working class— is the basis for the identity of the postmodern punk movement.
Adobe Garamond

_Previs Work

The Punk aesthetic is all about analog media and a DIY philosophy, so we set out to incorporate physical media into the final product. 

After doing sketches of our type studies, we tried a few different physical media before deciding to proceed with inspiration from scratch graffiti.

_Type Study

To replicate the look of scratch graffiti with machined precision, we used the laser cutter available on campus to engrave 11 x 14in glass plates with our typeface.

We then photographed the plates against a black crushed velvet fabric to provide a sutble texture behind the smooth glass plate.

The plates looked best lit from the side, reducing reflections from the clear parts of the glass while the scratchy engravings scatter light in all directions.

_Type in Motion

To transfer this simple trim paths animation to our laser cutter, we used Overlord by Battle Axe to bring our animation into Illustrator. The biggest hurdle was that Overlord does not support trim paths.

We had to create a custom expression which references the OG path, plug it into a custom Spline function, and then create a custom trim paths function that operates using the path property.

_Band Logo

Running into time and cost restraints, our Mockup for the band logo had to be emulated digitally. We made a custom brush in photoshop that emulates the look of the laser cutter completely digitally.